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  Pipeline construction, maintenance and repair is a main part of our overall work scope.  Presser has built and maintained pipelines for companies like BP, ConocoPhillips, Navitas Mid-Stream, Energy Transfer and many, many others. 

HydroVac Services

 HydroVac has become one of the go to tools for safe excavation and line location and orientation work.  Presser has Hydro crews that have years of experience with different types of machines and soil compositions.  

Tank Construction Rebuild and Repair

  One of Presser's specialties is storage tank repairs and reconfiguring tanks for other storage purposes.  Our welders are coded and our fabrication shop maintains the ASME  U and R stamp qualifications.

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Dirt Work



Moving earth, , pushing, piling, leveling, knocking over,,  If you need dirt work done, Presser can handle just about anything you need.  Caliche, gravel, lava rock and most other materials for soil improvements and amendments. 




Road building and maintaining to your specifications.  Presser maintains many miles of access roads for Ranchers, Farmers and lease roads for our pipeline customers.  

Oil field work is one of our biggest areas, but we also do:  Building pads for residential construction and drilling rigs. 

BackHoe/ TrackHoe



Excavation work by qualified operators.  Excavation can be a dangerous undertaking unless its done with safety in mind.   Our personnel are trained as "Competent" under OSHA qualifications for excavation.  


Earth moving!

Moving dirt is a serious business and should be done by qualified operators. 

 Earth moving!

Moving dirt is a serious business and should be done by qualified operators. 

Presser's operators are safe, experienced and competent in the tools of their trade. 

All types of Dirt Work


Excavating,trenching,leveling,shop pads, site clean up, grading, driveways, roadways,brush-hog, tree/stump removal, culverts, soil amendment application. Call us with your job ideas and we will try to make it happen.  

We work Day or Night


Some of our jobs require lots of man hours to complete on customers deadline.   

Day or night. 



Presser has chosen PEC Safety for one of our "contractor" management partners because they have the singular commitment to the safety mission of our industry. 

Established in 2001, ISN® is the global leader in contractor and supplier management.  Presser has k

Established in 2001, ISN® is a global leader in contractor and supplier management.  Presser has maintained membership with ISN since 2005.

NCMS has become a leader in contractor monitoring for the oil and gas industry. With our partners an

 NCMS has become a leader in contractor monitoring for the oil and gas industry.  Presser has been a member for many years.


 BROWZ ensures supply chains are safe, qualified and socially responsible by delivering comprehensive solutions to prequalify contractors for our customers.  Presser has been aligned with the BROWZ compliance program for 7 years



Joseph Presser, owner Presser Construction is one of the founding members of the Energy Training Council.   This is an OSHA recognized facility that has hundreds of members and thousands of training hours to its credit



SafeLandUSA is a volunteer organization comprising major and independent operating companies, contractors, industry associations, and educators with the purpose of promoting a standardized safety orientation for workers in the US Onshore E&P Industry.  Presser has their safety personnel trained to the trainer level with SafeLand USA 

More on Presser Construction Inc.

Presser Construction Inc. has been in business for over a quarter of a century.   In that time Mr. Presser has operated on one business principal.  Give your customer a quality product at a fair price. Our employees are OQ qualified for the jobs we undertake with background checks and regular drug testing part of our ongoing efforts to supply a group of quality employees. 

Pipeline and Fabrication

Our crews at work


We work everyday to meet the needs of our customers and to work

with shop fabrication


safely and professionally.    

for products to be


Working with the sole purpose of getting the job done on time and in budget. 

delivered to the field


Running constantly toward the goal of a job well done

for one of our


and everyone going home to their families



just like they arrived at work. 

Field Work

Meter Runs


With locations all over the Permian 

Pipeline for NAVITAS


Basin, our crews travel lots of miles

Safety in excavation


so safety remains our constant companion!

Pipeline Repair and


With field work on a regular  basis, we put together some "interesting" projects

new valves and meters


With new risers and valves, custom painted to customers specifications



and meter houses "looking out" at the beautiful Texas Panhandle. 

Proud to be an American

Piping in the ground


We are Americans 

transferring precious


living in the greatest Nation



on the Earth

keeping America


We will stand blessed

in power for


and grateful for the 

today and the future


opportunity given from above !!



Re-planting vegetation is a service provided

Re-Planting the right-of-way (ROW) for our customers or helping add ground cover to previously unproductive soil, is added value to your property.   Here are some of the reasons to plant. 

Water retention

Planting vegetation helps keep moisture in the soil and aids in keeping the top soil in place.  Ground cover also gives the wildlife in your area feed and cover. 

Deters weed growth

 Control of weeds in all soil types is an ongoing issue for most aspects of land management and if good control has not been achieved at the reseeding stage, it can become a relentless challenge.

Ask us about your needs

If you have questions about our services for re-seeding or 1st time planting of your ground,  Give us a call. 

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So feel free to contact us with your questions.

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